Premium Probiotic for

Commercial Pollinators!


New Formula with Pediococcus!

Exciting research shows Pediococcus bacteria, P801,

improves the survival of bees exposed to pesticides.  

Activate Detoxification!


Quality Assurance 

  • Every batch is tested and guaranteed to contain over 10 billion CFUs (Colony-forming Units) of LAB (Lactic Acid Bacteria) per serving. 

  • A peer-reviewed study reported that feeding Pediococcus bacteria rescued honey bees from the adverse effects of pesticides. It decreased boscalid+thiamethoxam mortality from 41% to 15%.


*Peghaire et al.

A total of 91 different pesticides (herbicides and insecticides) are detected in-hive pollen and wax samples.

Honey Bee Exposure to Pesticides: A Four-Year Nationwide Study (nih.gov)

One SuperDFM®+P801™ Box Contains 500 Applications 

One Master Pack Contains

Five P801™ boxes = 2,500 Applications