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Explore the ProtectaBEE® hive entrance, a versatile addition to your beekeeping supplies. Awarded the 2023 world silver medal for beekeeping innovation, this all-season beekeeping equipment is a must-have for any beekeeper. It effectively protects your bees from yellowjackets, endures harsh weather conditions, and facilitates effortless feeding and probiotics administration without disturbing the hive. With the ProtectaBEE® at your side, maintain and manage your hives with confidence and ease.

As bee populations face rising threats, the ProtectaBEE® system minimizes colony loss and boosts bee health with over 13 features, including a SwarmStopper insert and a feeding tray for easy bee nourishment, making beekeeping less labor-intensive and your bees more happy.


  • Key Benefits of ProtectaBEE®

    • Protects against hornets, yellow jackets, skunks, mice, and robbing bees.

    • Features two sizes of entrance reducers that fit perfectly and are easy to attach and remove.

    • Includes a feeding tray for convenient nourishment delivery.

    • Employs bee vectoring for efficient medication and supplement distribution.

    • Equipped with a SwarmStopper insert to effortlessly prevent swarming.

    • Eliminates issues with wet or overheated landing boards, providing a perfect patio cover.

    • Offers a large covered landing board for bee protection in windy conditions.

    • Includes options for monitoring hive beetles; add DE as needed.

    • Use solid or vented inserts for secure bee transportation.

    • Designed for use during nearby pesticide sprays or with an Oxalic Acid vaporizer to keep the hive closed.

    • Turn the cones inward to protect bees during mowing or weedwhacking.

    • The extra-large landing board aids in cooling the hive while guarding against overhead predators.

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