Dry Hay Inoculant

Improves hay palatability

and color over acid

Dry Hay

SuperSile Dry Hay Inoculant is the perfect solution for better hay.  You can use it on any size bales, applied at the pick-up of the baler. Better than propionic acid or preservatives that can have harmful additives, SuperSile Dry Hay Inoculant is a blend of safe and effective bacteria that will control the heating in your dry hay bales, up to 26% moisture.  This gives you a bigger window to harvest in, better control of your operation and, better feed to use or sell.  Studies show that inoculant-treated hay bales have a sweeter taste, weigh more, and stay green while retaining leaves.  Inoculants help you save the hay that you have worked hard for by reducing respiration and weather losses.  SuperSile Inoculant is safe to feed to all animals and will not damage your equipment.

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Volume of Application Differs Per Crop Variety

  • Use SuperSile Forage Inoculant for: Grasses and Alfalfa
    150,000 CFUs/g

  • Use SuperSile Dry Hay for: dry hay, fodder, straw, herbage.
    170,000 CFUs/g

  • Use SuperSile High Moisture Corn Inoculant for: high moisture corn* requires higher concentration of bacteria for preservation. 
    200,000 CFUs/g

  • Use SuperSlie Silage Inoculant for: regular corn silage. 
    100,000 CFUs/g

Super Sile Dry Hay Inoculant is compatible with all applicator systems including mounted, large tank, hand sprayer, stationary, and Harvest Tec. 

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