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Introducing the new Microcloud Applicator from Strong Microbials. This simple applicator makes applying DFMs easy and straightforward, while delivering an even, effective cloud of products to your hive. 


Use our Microcloud Applicator nozzle with an air compressor to puff product in your hives.

Inoculate your colonies today with these essential, easy-to-use applicators!


Watch the video to see it in action. 

MicroCloud DFM Applicator

SKU: 752830510890
$40.00 Regular Price
$39.20Sale Price
  • Step 1: Power up your compressor to 65-120 PSI.

    Step 2: Connect the MicroCloud™ Applicator to the air compressor hose.

    Step 3: Place one level spoon full of SuperDEM® into the MicroCloud™ scoop.

    Step 4: Slide the MicroCloud™ scoop into the hive entrance and press firmly against the hive.

    Step 5: Squeeze the MicroCloud™ trigger for one short blast.

    DONE! - Your hive is now inoculated!

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