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Introducing the new Microcloud Applicator from Strong Microbials. This simple applicator makes applying DFMs easy and straightforward, while delivering an even, effective cloud of product to your hive. 

Inoculate your colonies today with these essential easy-to-use applicators! Watch the video to see it in action. 

Use our Microcloud Applicator nozzle with an air compressor to puff product in your hives. 

MicroCloud DFM Applicator

  • Directions

    Step #0: Hook up Microcloud applicator nozzle to an air compressor.
    Step #1: Measure DFM powder and load into applicator chamber.
    Step #2: Insert applicator chamber into the hive entrance.
    Step #3: Push down on top trigger to release microbe cloud into entrance. 

    Measure, insert, inoculate.