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Why use SuperSile?

We have 4 strains of bacteria that cover the entire fermentation cycle. Our added enzymes assist the animal in producing more. Our inoculant does not plug up applicators. We have less filler, so you can do more work with less product.

How do I apply?

We offer both dry and water soluble inoculants. They may be applied with any brand applicator.

Can I apply too much?

No. Over-application will not harm the crop or burn it out. There are no chemicals or harmful additives in SuperSile inoculants.

How much do I apply?

Please refer to the mixing charts available under the "Crop Inoculants" tab at the top of the page.

What are the benefits of using SuperSile?

Faster fermentation allows your feed to retain more nutrients for your livestock.
5% more milk
3% improved dry matter recovery and feed efficiency
5% average daily gain.
Treating your feed with SuperSile inoculants will lower your feed costs.

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