MicroCloud Applicator

MicroCloud Applicator
The Microcloud™ Applicator from Strong Microbials is a simple applicator that makes applying SuperDFM®-HoneyBee probiotics easy and straightforward.

The MicroCloud™ delivers an even, effective coating of
®-HoneyBee™ probiotics to your colonies. 

How to Inoculate
0. Attach the Air Hose to the Compressor

1. Attach Applicator to Air Hose

2. Measure DFM into Applicator

3. Place MicroCloud™ Applicator
   all the way into the hive entrance.
(Press tightly against the wood to reduce blowback.)   

4. Press Trigger - Release Air  

    Inoculation Complete! 


Using a portable air-tank such as this one makes using the MicroCloud™ fast and easy! SuperDFM® can be distributed effectively with a one-second blast of air at 120-60 psi pressure. An 11-gallon tank provides hundreds of one-second air blasts.