High Moisture Corn Inoculant

Supports starch digestibility in hight-moisture corn

High Moisture Corn

High-quality corn feed will increase your animals’ gains and outputs from your operation. SuperSile High Moisture Corn Inoculant is an ideal way to help ensure the successful storage and quality of your hi-moisture corn (HMC). With the slow fermentation and low sugar content in HMC, our blend of four bacteria strains will help speed up the fermentation process and create a stable feed.  Another option is to use our SuperSile +LB (Lactobacillus buchneri), which will help with aerobic stability, lower the pH, and help lower heating during summer feed-out.  Below are before and after photos of moldy corn in the field and the final result after being treated.  Test results show a significantly reduced presence in the mold.

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Volume of Application Differs Per Crop Variety

  • Use SuperSile Forage Inoculant for: grasses and alfalfa.
    150,000 CFUs/g

  • Use SuperSile Dry Hay for: dry hay, fodder, straw, herbage.
    170,000 CFUs/g

  • Use SuperSile High Moisture Corn Inoculant for: high moisture corn that requires higher concentration of bacteria for preservation.
    200,000 CFUs/g

  • Use SuperSile Silage Inoculant for: regular corn silage.
    100,000 CFUs/g

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