High Moisture Corn Inoculant


SuperSile® High Moisture Corn 

Supports starch digestibility in hight-moisture corn

Easy to Use. More palatable and more nutritious than preservatives or acid. 

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High-quality corn feed will increase your animals’ gains and outputs from your operation. SuperSile® High Moisture Corn Inoculant is an ideal way to help ensure the successful storage and quality of your hi-moisture corn (HMC).


With the slow fermentation and low sugar content in HMC, our blend of four bacteria strains will help speed up the fermentation process and create a stable feed.

Another option is to use our SuperSile® +LB (Lactobacillus buchneri), which will help with aerobic stability, lower the pH, and help lower heating during summer feed-out. 

Moldy corn from the field that was treated and then processed resulted in a significantly reduced presence of the mold.


Volume of Application Differs Per Crop Variety

  • Use SuperSile® Forage Inoculant for: grasses and alfalfa.
    150,000 CFUs/g

  • Use SuperSile® Dry Hay for dry hay, fodder, straw, and herbage.
    170,000 CFUs/g

  • Use SuperSile® High Moisture Corn Inoculant for high moisture corn that requires a higher concentration of bacteria for preservation.
    200,000 CFUs/g

  • Use SuperSile® Silage Inoculant for: regular corn silage.
    100,000 CFUs/g

On the Left is untreated feed.
The Middle jars are our competitors.

The jar on the Right was treated with Strong Microbials.  

We truly are "A Cut Above the Rest!"