Silage Inoculant


SuperSile® Silage Inoculant is a High-end Soluble Protein for Dry Corn Silage

Easy to Use. More palatable and more nutritious than preservatives or acid 

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SuperSile® Corn Silage Inoculant is designed to help you achieve high-quality silage that will have the stability of a year-round feed.


SuperSile® Corn Silage is highly concentrated, delivering 100,000 Colony-Forming Units (CFUs) per every gram of silage.


Less filler makes it flow extremely well through any application system, giving you less downtime and more success applying our inoculant with four strains of bacteria to help with digestibility.

SuperSile® Corn Silage Inoculant helps lower the pH and speed up the fermentation process. 


This will allow more of the starches and sugars to be utilized for animal energy, resulting in higher output.

SuperSile® +LB will help with aerobic stability and help eliminate any oxygen holes to ensure better fermentation, which leads to less spoilage and less waste. 


SuperSile® Silage Inoculant +LB is both a homofermentative and heterofermentative inoculant containing a specific Lactobacillus buchneri strain. 


SuperSile® gives you the best of both worlds, aiding in animal nutrition while getting the best storage.


Volume of Application Differs Per Crop Variety

  • Use SuperSile® Forage Inoculant for Grasses and Alfalfa
    150,000 CFUs/g


  • Use SuperSile® Dry Hay for dry hay, fodder, straw, herbage.
    170,000 CFUs/g


  • Use SuperSile® High Moisture Corn Inoculant for high moisture corn that requires a higher concentration of bacteria for preservation. 
    200,000 CFUs/g


  • Use SuperSlie® Silage Inoculant for regular corn silage. 
    100,000 CFUs/g



On the Left is untreated feed.
The Middle jars are our competitors.
The jar on the Right was treated with Strong Microbials.  

We truly are "A Cut Above the Rest!"