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At Strong Microbials, we have an exciting mission. We work diligently to help transform the agricultural industry. We are passionate and team-oriented. Here you are appreciated for your ingenuity, independence, and creativity. View our open positions and submit your application today. 

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Position: Animator 

$15/hr for student animators --- TBD for professionals

Strong Microbials is a small Milwaukee based company specializing in beneficial bacterial products. 

We make probiotics for livestock, like cows and chickens and niche products like probiotics for sled dogs. Our signature product is a probiotic for honeybees. Honeybees suffer great stress in the challenges of modern agriculture and we often speak to beekeepers about bacteria and bee health.

We would like to connect with a media student who can create animation and mixed media with the purpose of holding interests through dynamic visuals that demonstrate concepts and at times add humor. Though small, we present internationally.  


Ideas to Implement in Animation:

  • Graphs included for product efficacy have motion (lines/bars represented in graph move up or down).

  • No pesticides 🚫 Substitute with clean natural probiotics

  • Bacteria war in the gut --- how our product works.

  • SuperSile product (animal feed preservation). Various simple messages.


Time: Part-time
Experience: Animation: 1-2 years (Required)
Work Location: Remote

Schedule: Remote


  • Hourly pay to create animations

  • Ability to work around your schedule

  • Portfolio building opportunity with green, innovative agriculture company


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