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SuperDFM Complete Package: microbial protection and nutritional support for optimal digestion and strong immunity throughout all seasons.

Prepare your bees to conquer stressful events like death, transportation, pollination, splits, and antimicrobial treatments. When your bees' natural microbiome is at its weakest, it is crucial to ensure they have the microbial support to restore nature's balance.

SuperDFM Complete Hobbyist & Commercial Packages Contains:

SuperDFM-HoneyBee: 100 applications (hobbyist)
SuperDFM-HoneyBee: 2000 applications (commercial)
 ~ Feed monthly for every generation of bees. 
SuperDFM+P801:  50 applications (hobbyist)
SuperDFM+P801: 500 applications (commercial)
~ Feed before, during, and after pesticide exposure.

SuperNectar: 100 applications (hobbyist)
SuperNectar: 2000 applications (commercial)
~ Add to supplemental feeding to enhance nutrition and support digestion.

SuperDFM Complete Packages

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$270.48Sale Price
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