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What age can I feed probiotics?

All of our DFMs (probiotics) are safe to fed any animal at any age. Be sure to follow the dosage instructions.

How can I administer this?

DFMs can be fed dry with your feed or mixed with the water supply.

Why should I use this?

DFMs will help with animal disease resistance. Healthier animals from the inside out.

Why do animals need probiotics?

They help support the digestive tract by supporting the gut microbiome.

How often should I feed probiotics?

Probiotics can be fed right after birth. Daily doses are ideal, but probiotics will benefit the animal most during times of stress and after antibiotic treatment.

What are the benifits?

✓ Disease resistance ✓ Improved feed conversion ✓ Improved digestions ✓ Faster growth rate ✓ Better absorption of nutrients
✓ Increased output

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