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Strong Microbials delivers sustainable microbiological solutions to improve agricultural processes and conserve resources.

Our core product SuperDFM
, is a new hive management tool for beekeepers. SuperDFM®-HoneyBee is the first product of its kind in North or South America to raise antibiotic-free bees. Direct-fed microbials (DFM) or probiotics for livestock are natural alternatives to antibiotics for growth-promoting and preventative purposes. Microbial Inoculants preserve silage/forage/dry hay through fermentation.

Our goal is to help shape a future in which the world’s population is healthy and robust, ecosystems prosperous and stable, and resources are plentiful and renewable. We can do business with Nature.

SuperDFM® Probiotics

Crop Inoculants

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 "We've been using SuperDFM-Poultry for 5 years. This probiotic supplement does the best job for our birds."

Becky & Rick Abendroth | Waterloo, WI

"We committed at the beginning of 2019 to SuperDFM-HoneyBee for every colony, I am tickled to say that going into the new year every one of our colonies looks better then I can ever remember!"

Jason Bolster | Dundee, OH

"After using SuperDFM-HoneyBee in the spring and summer, I feel I am actually going to make some money on my bees this year. Thank you!"

Aaron LaFond | Lebanon, OR

"I like how safe it is to use all year. I see my bees look healthier.

I believe in using SuperDFM-HoneyBee."

Myron Kroph | Salem, AR

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