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Our Purpose

Welcome to Strong Microbials, your partner in sustainable microbiological solutions for enhanced agricultural processes and resource conservation.
Our flagship product, SuperDFM–HoneyBee, is a revolutionary hive management tool designed for beekeepers. As the pioneering solution of its kind in the Americas, SuperDFM–HoneyBee naturally nurtures robust and resilient bee colonies.

Discover the power of SuperSile, our microbial inoculant that effectively preserves silage, forage, and dry hay through fermentation.

Our mission is clear: to forge a future where global health thrives, ecosystems flourish, and resources renew. At Strong Microbials, we harmonize commerce with nature's wisdom.

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Jamie Walters |  Ohio Apiary Inspector

“When this product (SuperDFM) came out, everyone was asking me my thoughts. As an Ohio apiary inspector, club president, and director of OSBA, I always look for the science and results from multiple people before I give any advice. Years now, since speaking, seeing, and working on test trials in multiple apiaries, I can positively recommend this product. This is not snake oil but helps the bees with overall health...”


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