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Milwaukee, WI | Est. May 2012

Strong Microbials was founded with a vision to help shape the future in which the world’s population is healthy and strong, its ecosystems rich and stable and its resources plentiful and renewable. Sustainable agriculture is important for healthy livestock and abundant production and essential for human health and the stimulation of world economics.

Independent and locally owned, our company is based in the old historic "Milk Plant" building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are honored to be part of Milwaukee’s rich manufacturing history. While still the land of beer and fermentation, Milwaukee was once one of the great industrial cities the world. We are proud to make our products here and help to restore our city's and country's tradition as a manufacturer. We say with great fervor "Made in the USA".  

Our ingredients are locally sourced, thoroughly vetted for quality assurance, and chosen based on highly researched outcomes. University studies have proven the efficacy of the use of microbes to help fight pathogens and promote health. We have taken this knowledge from the lab and into the field with premium probiotic mixes, high end crop preservatives and soil, seed and root amendments. Our most popular product is SuperDFM Honeybee, chosen by America’s largest commercial beekeepers to support the health of their hives.

Science continues to uncover more and more about how microbes can benefit all creatures. We hope you can learn more from our research and education pages. View our products to see what may work best for your farm and feel free to contact us with any questions! Our team will always be on the ready to help.     ​​

Belgium, Wisconsin Fermentation Facility

This is our fermentation facility in Belgium, Wisconsin. 

Here we research and test our microbes.

We grow diverse strains of beneficial bacteria to find innovative solutions for modern agriculture.

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