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Probiotic for Honey Bees


SuperDFM®-HoneyBee™(CA) is a probiotic that promotes optimal gut health.

A balanced gut microbiome helps to optimize digestion and nutrition. In turn,
this increases the bee's ability to combat chalkbrood, support pesticide detoxification, and increase hive immunity. 

SuperDFM®(CA) is a blend of 3 probiotic bacteria that replenish the microbes lost due to agricultural modifications of honey bees' environment.

It is all-natural and completely safe to use, even during honey flow!

The Only Registered  Probiotic For Honey Bees in Canada!

Features & Benefits 

Easy to use, just sprinkle on top of the brood frames once a month. 


SuperDFM®-HoneyBee™ (CA) is a blend of
probiotic bacteria that promote optimal gut health and strong immunity. 

SuperDFM® Empowers digestion and nutrient absorption.

Safe to use all year round, even during honey flow!

For faster application, use our MicroCloud™ DFM Applicator.


  • No Preservatives

  • No Animal Ingredients

  • No Resistance Build-up

  • No Harmful Residue

  • Non-GMO 

Suitable for Organic Use - Learn More
Learn how to Test your DFM Quality

Quality Assurance  

Every batch is tested and guaranteed to contain over 10 Billion CFUs (Colony-forming Units) of LAB (Lactic Acid Bacteria) per serving. 

Field-tested and refined by commercial beekeepers since  2014.

Reviewed in the most comprehensive peer-reviewed study on probiotics for honey bees.
"It seems that there are few reliable probiotic supplements for honeybees, which we have detailed in Table 2."
Strong Microbials were listed as the only "reliable" probiotics in America!


Stable for 5 years

(Store in a cool, dry place)

Manufactured in a Safe Food Safe Feed (SFSF) Certified Facility.


Only FDA GRAS ingredients (Generally Regarded As Safe)

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Highest Concentration on the market = Best Value 

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The First Probiotic For Honeybees!

SuperDFM®-HoneyBee™ (CA) is Canada's first and only registered veterinarian health product.