Commercial Crops

BioMantra Soil, 

Microbes for Plant Growth.


BioMantra Soil is the best way to release the trapped NPK from your soil.

Healthy soil contains billions of living microbes in every teaspoon. These bacteria and fungi enhance the development of plant roots, cycle nutrients, fix nitrogen, and secrete “soil glue” to create a more porous soil that naturally retains water.

A healthy field should not flood easily!
Healthy, microbe-rich soil; thirstily absorbs water, minimizing any run-off and standing water. Better yield, drought resistance, and nutrient uptake are just the short-term benefits of using BioMantra Soil.

Field Trials 
Field trials show that you may have great soil, but microbes are necessary to make the nutrients available to the plants. In 2020 corn grower trials, whole plant analysis of 4-week old plants showed a significant increase in the nutrient levels of plants grown in BioMantra supplemented soil compared to a control field.

In the 2020 trial of the BioMantra Soil, corn plant analysis showed increased nutrient levels compared to control plants. The increased nutrient levels became apparent at the 4-week stage and remained consistent throughout the life of the plant.


Increased Yields, Increased Profits

Soil Vitality
Nutrient Uptake 
Drought Resistance
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