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Commercial Use

BioMantra™ Commercial is the best way to release the trapped NPK from your soil and cut down on fertilizer needs by up to 30%.  This is the perfect blend of both our SOIL and ROOT products.


Packages from 20 square feet to 10 acres for all types of greenhouse, landscape, plant care, and growing industries. 

Healthy soil contains billions of living microbes in every teaspoon. These bacteria and fungi enhance the development of plant roots, cycle nutrients, fix nitrogen, and secrete “soil glue” to create a more porous soil that naturally retains water and traps carbon.

BioMantra Commercial

Reduce Fertilizer

BioMantra™ has key bacteria, enzymes, and humic acids to unlock the trapped nutrients in your soil and move them to ionic form for plant uptake while helping roots strive to become more fibrous and strong.  

Reduce Input, Increase Profits

BioMantra™ Commercial 
 BioMantra™ Commercial is a combination of the specialized bacteria in BioMantra™ Soil and BioMantra™ Root to give growers an advantage and alternative to chemicals and fertilizers. 

BioMantra™ is safe to use on all crops with all types of treatments, including food sources and organic-certified operations. Increases in yield will be apparent in the first season while subsequent use will build up healthy soil with active microbes that release the trapped NPK.  

Orgnaic Commercial Crops
Benefits of Soil Microbes for Sweet Potatoes


Sweet Potato Grower Analysis

Benefits of Soil Microbes for Cranberry Growers


Cranberry Grower Analysis

Increased Yields, Increased Profits

BioMantra™ Commercial comes in 10-acre bags ready to use.   
BioMantra™ is compatible to use with air planters and can be used with a drop planter or broadcast spreader with other treatments except for fungicides.

The consistency is a fine powder that is applied at a rate of 5 pounds per acre.

   Call Renee (920)-251-5916 for product ordering or questions.  


Field Trials 

In a 2020 trial on 90-day corn in Fond du Lac County, WI, whole plant analysis of 4-week old plants showed a significant increase in the nutrient levels of plants grown in BioMantra™ supplemented soil compared to a control field. At the end of the season, the harvest yields were an extra 3-6 bu/acre on the corn.

The stalks and leaves had the following extra nutrients:

  •  30% more Nitrogen

  • 60% more Phosphorus

  • 40% more Potassium

  • 12% more Calcium

  • 29% more Iron


These are extra nutrients that can be passed on in the feed.  

The increased nutrient levels became apparent at the 4-week stage and remained consistent throughout the plant's life.

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