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Updated: Oct 5, 2023


We founded Strong Microbials with a purpose to solve pressing problems in agriculture through the use of microbial products. As scientists, we see the power that microbes hold for our future. They are like keys to unlocking potential natural energy stores in our livestock and preserving the resources we've worked so hard to grow and harvest.

Microbes, like our SuperDFM probiotics, can help us transform how we approach livestock health, from the inside-out. Microbes, like our SuperSile Inoculants, preserve nutrients and help you see a good return on your hard-earned investments. Microbes and fungi in our BioMantra products work in a symbiotic relationship with your soil and crops to help you see amplified growth and drought resistance.


Have questions? Great! We have answers.

Our customer-directed technical support helps us find solutions to your problems. We love learning about the real-life situations you are tackling, and how our products are working for you. Or, if they can be improved.

Write about your problems, questions, and goals to

Questions help us learn how we can grow and we love getting better at what we do. It's our passion.

In our blog, we will feature best practices, examples, and questions from our customers to help you understand the microbes in your world. Microbial products can achieve significant cost reduction for producers. Our goal is your success!

Best Wishes,

Dr. Vera Strogolova

Co-founder & CTO of Strong Microbials

SuperDFM® Probiotics

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