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BioMantra™ is a safe, pet, and kid-friendly product that helps your landscape look its best. Applying BioMantra™ to lawns increases soil moisture, nutrient uptake, and drought resistance by restoring the soil's natural microbial balance.  BioMantra™ products are great to use in gardens for a bountiful harvest with fewer chemicals and fertilizers. 
All BioMantra products are non-toxic and safe.


Environmentally Friendly 


Natural Fertilizer


Organic Lawn Care

Apply BioMantra™ Seed when planting lawns or gardens for uniform germination. 

BioMantra™ Root can be used when planting new shrubs, trees, and gardens to give roots a deeper and more fibrous root system for an overall healthier plant. 

BioMantra™ Soil should be applied once a year, in either the spring or fall, to restore the healthy microbial system that plants rely on.

BioMantra™ can be applied with a broadcast spreader or mixed with water.


* BioMantra™ may stain clothes and light-colored surfaces.
Therefore, be cautious when applying; immediately rinse away splashes. 
* Do not mix with fungicides or chlorinated water. 

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