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SuperDFM®-HoneyBee™ is a probiotic that promotes optimal bee gut health. A strong bee gut helps combat chalkbrood, increase hive immunity, fight off mites, and boost digestion and nutrition. 

SuperDFM®-Honeybee™ is a blend of 7 probiotic bacteria that replenishes the microbes lost due to agricultural modifications of their environment. It is all-natural and completely safe for your bees.

It is easy to use, just sprinkle on the top bars of brood frames once a month!

Stronger Bees

Promotes optimal gut health which empowers digestion and nutrient absorption. This helps mitigate hive death and strengthens your bees to fight off mites. 

Improved By-Products

Healthy bees produce a higher quality and quantity of honey and other by-products. This allows you to enjoy more of your bees for either personal or financial gain. 

Pollination Success

A healthier and stronger bee will have better pollination success. This aids in the vitality rate of your backyard flowers or commercial crops your bees need to pollinate.

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