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“I’ve been using Strong Microbials since 2017;

it has made a difference in hive growth all year round.

Even my bee inspector is impressed with my hives!


I purchased the 1000 dose package. Every time I open

a hive, it gets a teaspoon.”

James Morris.
Bay County, Florida

Bees eat their feed faster when they get SuperDFM.
Less spoiled feed.
Less waste.

Davey Hackenberg

Dade City, Florida

“Microbials are important for honey bees.

Strong Microbials is the

industry standard.

They are careful to give you a good product.”

Kent Williams - Wingo, KY

EAS Certified Master BeeKeeper

I gave this to several colonies that appeared very sluggish…

They didn’t have much going

until I gave them

the probiotic and now

they turned around 180°.

I give this to all my colonies and they are doing great!

Ed Veiseh

Wharton, Texas

We made grade on 96.3%
of our bees in California.
DFM woohoo!

Doug Anderson

Kouts, Indiana


I like how safe it is

to use all year.

I see my bees look healthier.

I believe in using


After using SuperDFM-HoneyBee in the spring and summer,

I feel I am actually going to make some money on

my bees this year.

Thank you!

Aaron LaFond

Lebanon, Oregon

Myron Kroph

Salem, Arkansas

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