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The Buzz About SuperNectar: How Probiotics are Empowering Healthy Bees

Updated: Apr 7

Research Advancing Honey Bee Health
Research Advancing Honey Bee Health

Empowering Healthy Bees with SuperNectar: A Nutritional Probiotic Powerhouse

In the face of mounting challenges such as habitat loss, the varroa mite, and a myriad of environmental and agricultural stressors, bees—and the beekeepers dedicated to their care—need innovative solutions. In response, Strong Microbials' expert microbiologists and Apis Biologix's committed bee researchers have united to create SuperNectar. Unlike many other nutritional products, this pioneering nutrient-enriched probiotic supplement is a scientifically crafted solution meticulously designed to bolster hive resilience and vitality. Enriched with targeted amino acids and select Bacillus strains, SuperNectar emerges from the confluence of peer-reviewed science and real-world beekeeping trials as a powerful safeguard for our invaluable pollinators.

The Importance of Probiotics in Bee Health

The intricate world of honeybees is a marvel of nature, with each bee playing a pivotal role in the colony's survival and the broader ecosystem. Just like in humans, a balanced gut flora is essential for bees, influencing their immune system, disease resistance, and overall well-being. Probiotics, beneficial bacteria that support a healthy gut environment, are proving to be a game-changer in bee health, offering a natural solution to enhance bee resilience against diseases and environmental pressures. Researchers such as those who undertook the largest review of probiotics for honey bees, published in March of 2021, listed Strong Microbails’ SuperDFM and P801 as the only “reliable” probiotics from the United States. The review's conclusion states, “Beekeepers should readily adopt strategies into their beekeeping habits to help prevent colony collapse. Therefore, knowledge of molecular mechanisms of probiotics in protecting honeybee colonies against pathogens is important.”  Emphasizing the understanding that natural gut microbiota provides opportunities to create broad strategies for bee vitality. This includes developing modern probiotic preparations as alternatives to conventional antibiotics and chemical agents, suggesting a supportive role for probiotics in maintaining and enhancing bee health is needed.

SuperNectar: Composition and Benefits

SuperNectar stands out with its meticulously crafted formula, combining the power of probiotic strains like Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis, and Bacillus pumilus with a blend of amino acids and nutrients specifically found in floral nectar. This unique composition addresses various aspects of bee health:

- Bacillus strains: These bacterial warriors offer robust protection against common bee afflictions such as Chalkbrood and American Foulbrood, enhancing the colony's defensive mechanisms.

- Amino acids like Taurine and Proline: Essential for nervous system health, these compounds support critical functions from learning to immune responses, directly influencing colony vigor.

- Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ): This compound plays a vital role in mitochondrial function, crucial for the energy-demanding activities of bees, from foraging to brood rearing.

SuperNectar in Action: Empowering Commercial Beekeeping

The practical benefits of SuperNectar for commercial beekeepers underscore its efficacy. Esteemed beekeeper Bob Binnie had a positive experience with SuperFuel, a fondant-based version of the SuperNectar formula. Bob's successful integration of SuperDFM probiotics and SuperFuel into his beekeeping regimen enhanced his colonies' robust Spring build-up. Check out Bob’s results for yourself.

Scientific Validation and Commitment to Quality

Behind SuperNectar is a foundation of scientific research. The 3 Bacillus bacteria strains in SuperNectar have been a foundational part of the SuperDFM-HoneyBee formula since 2014. Strong Microbials' dedication to translating academic discoveries into practical solutions is evident in their extensive engagement with the scientific community, as detailed at the end of their “honey bee story.” This research-backed approach ensures that SuperNectar isn't just a product but a comprehensive health solution for bee colonies, backed by empirical evidence and field validations.

Probiotic Bacillus Bacteria
Powerful Bacillus Probiotic Bacteria

Join The Action

As we navigate the complexities of modern beekeeping, embracing innovative solutions like SuperNectar is paramount for the sustainability and prosperity of the honey bee population. SuperNectar offers more than just a probiotic supplement; it represents a new horizon in bee health management grounded in scientific research and beekeeper insights. For those committed to the future of beekeeping, we invite you to explore the potential of SuperNectar in your apiary. Join a community dedicated to beekeepers advancing bee health through natural, sustainable solutions backed by science.

Nowak, A., Szczuka, D., Górczyńska, A., Motyl, I., & Kręgiel, D. (2021). Characterization of Apis mellifera Gastrointestinal Microbiota and Lactic Acid Bacteria for Honeybee Protection—A Review. Cells, 10(3).

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