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Award-Winning Hive Entrance for Superior Beekeeping

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The Ultimate Hive Entrance Solution

Beekeepers Are Buzzing About ProtectaBEE

Why Choose ProtectaBEE™?

Bee Robbing Protection

Explore the ProtectaBEE® hive entrance, a versatile addition to your beekeeping supplies. Awarded the 2023 world silver medal for beekeeping innovation, this all-season beekeeping equipment is a must-have for any beekeeper. It effectively protects your bees from yellowjackets, endures harsh weather conditions, and facilitates effortless feeding and probiotics administration without disturbing the hive. With the ProtectaBEE® at your side, maintain and manage your hives with confidence and ease.

Key Benefits 

  • Protects against hornets, yellow jackets, skunks, mice, and robbing bees.

  • Features two sizes of entrance reducers that fit perfectly and are easy to attach and remove.

  • Includes a feeding tray for convenient nourishment delivery.

  • Employs bee vectoring for efficient medication and supplement distribution.

  • Equipped with a SwarmStopper insert to effortlessly prevent swarming.

  • Eliminates issues with wet or overheated landing boards, providing a perfect patio cover.

  • Offers a large covered landing board for bee protection in windy conditions.

  • Includes options for monitoring hive beetles; add DE as needed.

  • Use solid or vented inserts for secure bee transportation.

  • Designed for use during nearby pesticide sprays or with an Oxalic Acid vaporizer to keep the hive closed.

  • Turn the cones inward to protect bees during mowing or weedwhacking.

  • The extra-large landing board aids in cooling the hive while guarding against overhead predators.

Product Details  


As bee populations face rising threats, the ProtectaBEE® system minimizes colony loss and boosts bee health with over 13 features, including a SwarmStopper insert and a feeding tray for easy bee nourishment, making beekeeping less labor-intensive and your bees happier.

"The SwarmStopper insert is a game-changer.

My bees are thriving like never before!
Bee Robbing"

Bee robbing

"ProtectaBEE® has transformed my beekeeping experience.

It’s easy to use and has significantly improved the health of my hives."

Questionnaire responses. 1 lowest rating -5 highest rating.

As ProtectaBEE™ was built with the intention of bee vectoring, and powders are not currently sold, we were shocked when several beekeepers asked to keep the device after testing. The beekeepers found that the ProtectaBEE™ decreased robbing by wasps and deterred skunks, among other advantages.

Bees, like wasps/yellow jackets and other robbing bees, can see red, just not well. Since insect vision is low on red, making it hard for them to distinguish, the colour of our product actually helps keeping out threats to the hive, like wasp and yellow jacket. While those are kept out, bees from the hive know their own environment and can definitely rely on smell and communication from the other bees to find their hive and navigate their entrance. And this is why the entrance of the Protectabee is red.

Bee Robbing

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