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SuperDFM Poultry

formulated to aid in providing optimal health and strong immunity.

SuperDFM Poultry is a blend of probiotic bacteria for all chickens, broilers, layers,  turkeys, ducks, geese, guineas, pheasants, quails, and silkies.


SuperDFM Poultry can be used with any water delivery system.  

SuperDFM Poultry, Commercial 23.2 lb

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  • (One scoop = 5 grams.)

    Use 4 scoops per 1000 birds for the first 5 days of life.
    Then use 1/2 scoop per I000 birds daily until market.

    One Package = 50,000 birds / 7weeks

    Prepare solution daily by dissolving product in clean water. 

    SuperDFM-Poultry can be used with any water delivery system.

    For best results clean your water delivery system every 1-2 days.

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