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BioMantra Soil


  • Committed to promote eco-friendly and sustainable agricultural practices
  • All natural soil additive that instills beneficial soil micro-flora

Available in larger sizes upon request** Custom sizes also available (drums, pails, half sacs, super sacs). 


BioMantra™ may stain clothes and light-colored surfaces. Therefore, be cautious when applying; immediately rinse away splashes. Do not mix with fungicides or chlorinated water.


BioMantra™ can be applied with a broadcast spreader or mixed with water.

1 lb BioMantra Soil

SKU: 8555277508138
$34.94 Regular Price
$34.24Sale Price
    •  Treats 8000 sq ft. There are 16 applications in each bag. 

    • Dissolve with water. Use 1 oz (4 scoops) per gallon per 500 sq ft.

    • Clean applicator equipment after each use. 

    • This product qualifies under sections 7 CFR §205.105, §205.106(d)(2), §205.601(j)(1), and §205.601(j)(3) for use in organic crop production. 

    • Products should be used by persons trained in the proper methods of handling and application of pesticides and fertilizers. 

    • Store in a cool dry place. 

    • Keep out of reach of children and pets.  Always use mask, safety glasses, and gloves when applying BioMantra. 

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