Golf Course & Turf

BioMantra™ is a safe, animal, and environment-friendly product that can help your turf look its best. Applying BioMantra™ to golf courses and commercials turf increases soil moisture, nutrient uptake, and drought resistance by restoring the soil's natural microbes, essential for plant development and soil health. 

Golf Greens & Sports Turf

Healthier greens will regenerate faster against damage and rough use from divots and traffic. BioMantra™ is NOT a fertilizer and it will NOT burn the lawn.  Application is easy either by dry broadcast or by mixing with non-chlorinated or treated water.  

BioMantra™ soil should be used once a year on healthy lawns and seasonally on stressed turf. 
BioMantra™ Seed
can be used for new seedlings to allow uniform and strong germination. 
BioMantra™ Root can be used to promote healthy, fibrous, and deep roots.  Healthy roots are essential for porous soil which helps retain water and carbon dioxide for plant use. 
On large areas, such as golf courses, BioMantra™ Commercial is ideal for 10 acres or more with elements from both BioMantra™ Root and Soil for the most resilient and beautiful greens and fairways.  



  • Less Fertilizer Needed

  • Less Run-off

  • Faster Grow-back

  • Reduce Maintenance Costs

  • Less Watering Needed

  • Stronger Disease Resistance